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Stephen Hawking’s dead. Martin’s having a breakdown. And Ellie? She’s feeding the fish.

When Martin hears that the world’'s greatest scientific mind has died, he’s tipped over the edge. Who will figure out where we came from, and why we’re here?

Lucky for him, chance - or destiny - finds him in an aquarium with Ellie, a PhD student studying astrophysics. As the fish swim in circles, so too do these strangers, running through science, philosophy and theology as they search for the meaning of life - and whether there is such a thing at all.

'...clever, moving and well performed' ★★★★

London Pub Theatres

'...the play feels perfectly timed – the piece really resonates and so does its likeable and quirky characters.' ★★★★1/2 

Within Her Words 

'Overall there’s a lot of love in this piece. Strong understanding and debate on philosophical concepts, solid comedy, and a quest to understand a bit more about the human condition.' ★★★★

Theatre T

Since originally opened at the Bread and Roses Theatre in August 2019, Ex Fish has been through several rewrites and is heading into an R&D period before embarking on some exciting adventures!

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Basically, this story, of these women, didn't happen in a city. 

It isn’t in London, or Manchester or Birmingham, 

although it’s near Coventry. 

It happens in a place you wouldn't expect, 

a place you wouldn't expect a revolution to happen.

And from women you wouldn't expect to start a revolution.

And where do revolutions begin? 

Like everything, they begin with a mother…



This is the story of the first all female-run council in Britain, a real-life group of housewives from a rural Warwickshire village who broke down barriers to transform their community.


In the wake of the devastation of the Second World War, and with Britain and its people struggling to be anything but austere, these women brought about change and hope, achieving great change on a local level whilst inspiring a nation.

The all-female theatre company BoysClub, formed by Warwickshire writer Francesca Meredith, bring this local tale to life with storytelling, dance and music, fusing songs from the contemporary charts with timeless folk arrangements and vintage dancehall classics.


Petticoat Council will tour around Coventry & Warwickshire to village halls and rural locations that haven’t seen any theatre in a while, aiming to inspire and uplift our neighbouring communities in these straightened contemporary times. 

Written by Francesca Meredith, Supported by Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

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A new musical developed by Steph Hartland Productions with playwright India Rodgers & composer Jamie Stephenson-Glynn. 


Details to follow...