"Success turns smart people crazy. Like smack, it’ll never be enough, only leave you gurning for more.”
Kyla was once a TV personality. Now she's the dress hanging on the arm of her celebrity popstar boyfriend. When her anti-establishment squatter brother pays her a surprise visit on the night of the biggest music award ceremony of the year, she is forced to confront the life, and lie, she's been living.
The Buzz is a dark comedy exploring the seduction of fame, overnight celebrity culture and the injustices we disregard in favour of our own success. The Bread & Roses Theatre is proud to present The Buzz as the final instalment of the 2016/17 Playwriting Award.


The Burning Tower is a dramatisation of the history of social housing and the shadow cast by the Grenfell fire. SPID’s award winning work has championed the voices of social housing since 2005. The show grew out of our Living History program working with residents and young people to dramatise their shared heritage.  It is part of our Grenfell Matters campaign and was originally commissioned as Homes for Heroes to explore council estates’ unique past and value – but after the fire we changed the name (which refs a tarot card within the play) in tribute to Grenfell. The play makes the case for investment in social housing and for valuing the strong community spirit at the heart of these buildings’ architecture.

Starring David Schaal (Inbetweeners, The Office), Vodka Pants is one of three short films in the Corona Collabs series. Filmed in isolation during the global Covid-19 pandemic, Vodka Pants is Harry Potts' last ditch attempt to shift his stock of his revolutionary product - pants made almost entirely of Vodka! 

Produced by Steph Hartland Productions, written and directed by Josh Merritt, supported by Arts Council England. 

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